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Couples Counselling

Couples counselling, otherwise known as ‘relationship therapy’, provides a space for couples to discuss their issues and reach workable solutions within their relationship. 

It is common for most relationships to encounter challenges. How we respond to and face these challenges is important and impacts on how we experience close personal relationships and how we resolve conflicts. Relationships are an essential part of our lives and having close relationships can bring with it many rewards. In modern times, technology has greatly influenced how we see ourselves and relate to others. 

Every couple is different and no two relationship issues are the same. I will work with you to help you recognise and understand the roles that communication, behaviour, sex and emotion plays in the relationship with your partner. I am experienced in working with both heterosexual and homosexual couples, within long or short term relationships. 

As a therapist, I will remain neutral and not take sides within the counselling sessions. Fair, balanced communication is encouraged between both partners. Discussions will be handled with sensitivity and confidentiality. 

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Benefits of Couples Counselling: 

  • Resolving conflicts within a relationship

  • Couples may be facing the end of a relationship and would like to find a way to repair the relationship

  • Couples who acknowledge that the relationship is coming to an end but would like to end on good terms

  • Experience of sexual or intimacy issues within the relationship

  • Couples about to enter into a long-term commitment and want to strengthen their relationship

  • Individuals who are struggling in developing relationships and want to improve their future situation.

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